Essential Social Media Tools :)

Social media has become a vastly growing entity in society lately, and there are many social media tools that are used to help better the accuracy, speed, and overall effectiveness of different subjects. Below is a list and small description of a few essential social media tools.


This handy little tool is in place for the serious of serious updaters. This convenient app will allow you to post on different social media sites all from one place.


If you're a blogger, you definitely need this tool. It scopes out twitter for comments on your blog, and then attaches them to your blog directly as if it were a comment on your blog page.

Google Analytics

Great for keeping up with things that are important to many website owners like, visits to your page, and time spent there.

This is another good tracking tool that gets down to business. With this app you can not only see when someone is visiting, but you can also see who that person is.


This is like your own personal scoreboard. It keeps tracks of things like visits, subscribers, and other important information for many different sites, all in one place.

Flickr Creative Commons Search

For anything photo, you can use this tool to find pictures relating to whatever subject you need, and use them with attribution.


It you're not photo editing savvy, Skitch is the best option for you. Other than being free, it is also extremely easy to use.


A great app that lets you set alerts for your sites.


This app measures the focus of your company or brand on Pinterest.

Social Mention

A single stream of information about real-time conversations and posts about your company.

Pinterest Web Analytics

Built in analytics tracker for Pinterest.


Real time app enabling audience interaction.


Engage in social media conversation all from one platform.


Monitors your company's reputation.

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