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Pickleball is the best sport around, and it's time for more people to discover just how amazing it is! Here's how we can get more folks in on the pickleball action:

Shout it from the rooftops! Tell everyone you know about the awesomeness of pickleball. Get them pumped up and ready to join in on the fun.

Build more courts! The more courts we have, the more people can play pickleball. Let's make it easy for everyone to get their game on. Work with your local county to get the sport going.

Tournaments, tournaments, tournaments! Organizing pickleball tournaments is a surefire way to get more players involved and show off just how competitive this sport can be.

Partner up with schools and community groups. Introducing pickleball to the next generation is key to growing the sport. Let's get kids pumped up and ready to play!

Social media takeover! Share videos, photos, and stories about pickleball on social media. Get the word out there and show the world just how much fun it is!

Build a supportive community. A positive and inclusive pickleball community will encourage new players to join and keep current players coming back for more. Let's make everyone feel welcome and part of the pickleball family!

How did I help grow the sport?

Y'all, pickleball is seriously changing the game! It all started with my friend Jackie Keenan, who ran the first-ever pickleball camp for our softball league. She saw the potential for something great and took the initiative to get it started. And man, am I grateful she did!

Now, every time we have a softball game, we play pickleball first. It's become a warm-up tradition that's helping my hitting improve dramatically. I never would have thought that playing pickleball before softball could make such a difference, but it really does!

When we started, there were only 1-3 of us playing pickleball in our league. But now, over half of us have tried it, and most are addicted. It's amazing to see how quickly the sport has taken off and how many people are now hooked.

So, a huge shoutout to Jackie for starting something truly special. She saw the potential and made it happen, and now we're all reaping the benefits. Pickleball is seriously the best, and I can't wait for even more people to discover just how awesome it is!

It's time to bring pickleball to the masses! With these strategies in place, we'll have more players discovering the sport and falling in love with it just like we did. Let's go, pickleballers!

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January 30, 2023 • 9:10PM


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