Whether you are selling your own products or you are an affiliate, the success of your e-commerce site depends on the volume of traffic it gets. A steady stream of potential customers is critical to generating consistent sales. So how do you drive traffic to your website? Here are five ways to do it.


Adding a blog to your e-commerce store will give you a place to talk about your products and can improve your search engine ranking. Search engines love unique and fresh content, and a blog is an ideal platform. Use your blog to educate and inform customers on your products -- their benefits, how to use them, and why your readers need them.

Video Marketing

Create video reviews so that people can see your products in real life. You can post them on your own page and get direct traffic to your site once it ranks with the search engines or upload them to YouTube, where you can take advantage of a pre-built global audience.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are effective because you can target your ads to a particular demographic or to people with specific interests. This lets you place your products right in front of your customers. Before spending too much money, test your ads on a smaller audience to make sure they convert well. Facebook provides tools for split testing to help you build effective ads and analytics to monitor how they perform.

Social Sharing

Encourage your visitors to share your products, services, and blog content on their social media profiles by putting social sharing buttons in a conspicuous place. People trust recommendations from people they know, and encouraging sharing can boost traffic to your site. To encourage them to share, provide them with incentives such as coupons or loyalty points.

Offline Marketing

Many marketers neglect offline marketing for their e-commerce site. But just because you are selling online doesn't mean you cannot promote your site offline! You can advertise your site with flyers, business cards, or newspaper inserts. If you have an offline store, you can advertise your site there as well. Offline marketing is especially effective when you have a short URL that's easy to remember.

If you want your e-commerce site to succeed, you need to increase the amount of traffic. Content marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing are all excellent ways to drive traffic. Find what works best for your site and stick with it, and your traffic and sales can increase exponentially.

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