The on page seo content of your website is important. Search engines see your on page seo relevancy, and quality based on on page and off page content in.

Here is a simple on page seo checklist

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Keyword Strategy & Research

The keyword strategy is an ongoing process. I could write a novel about this keyword research it’s the most important on page SEO checklist.

Keywords in content

Use keywords that you have in your meta tags text of your site.

Density of the keywords in text

Be careful not to use your focus keyword too much because you might get penalized.

Formatting of the text

Use and to show users what is important. Bold keywords in your text, if they more important than other words your text becomes more relevant to search engines.

Regularly add relevant content to site

You should make sure that you add relevant content to your website. This content addition lets Google to visit your site more often and your websites importance.

Make JavaScript/CSS External

Be sure the most important code is the first thing the search engine bots crawl. You can externalize the code that gets in the way of this to ensure there aren’t unnecessary lines above the body text.
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