Pickleball, the fastest growing sport you can play with a kitchen utensil-themed name. In a world where you 'serve' and 'dink' your way to glory, it's easy to forget one crucial ingredient that makes the game truly 'relish-able': Sportsmanship.

Yes, sportsmanship, that age-old concept of being a 'Gherkin Gentleman' or a 'Dame Dill.' It's not just about shaking hands, or refraining from hurling your paddle like a frisbee when you miss a shot. It's about keeping the pickle in pickleball, by ensuring the game is enjoyed in a spirit of fun, respect, and fair play. After all, it's hard to be sour in a game inspired by a pickle!

First up, let's tackle the pickleball tantrums. Missed a shot? Lost a point? Remember, in pickleball, just like in a good pickle, it's the blend of sweet and sour experiences that make it worthwhile. Keep your 'brine', I mean, brain, cool and remember - it's just a game. Paddle-tossing or shouting at the net won't change the score, it'll just scare away the birds (and possibly your partner).

Next, being a 'Big Dill' in pickleball doesn't mean you have to act like a 'Pickled Pepper'. Over-competitive and under-gracious players can turn the sweetest games sour. Winning is great, but if you're the kind of player who does a victory lap for a friendly match or unleashes a war cry that echoes across the neighborhood, you might be taking it too seriously. Remember, no one likes a 'Sour Pickle'.

Lastly, embrace your inner 'Dill-lightful' sportsperson. A close game? Commend your opponents on their skillful dinking. Lost a match? Congratulate the winners and take the opportunity to learn and improve. After all, we're all in a 'pickle' together.

So let's ensure we keep pickleball the fun, sociable sport it's supposed to be. No tantrums, no pickleball egos, just good old-fashioned sportsmanship. So that at the end of the day, win or lose, we can all sit back and enjoy the 'dill-icious' game that is pickleball.

Remember, in the grand scheme of things, it's not whether you're in a 'pickle' or on a 'roll' that counts - it's how you 'serve' the game. And trust me, games served with a hearty dose of sportsmanship taste a whole lot better!

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January 30, 2023 • 9:10PM


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