Questions to ask when troubleshooting e-mail

I found myself sending multiple e-mails asking the same questions when I help troubleshoot e-mail issues. I find that 90-95% of e-mail issues are user error. I may expand on each of these at a later date. For now, here?s a quick list of things that help diagnose user related problems. ]]>

  1. Have you connected to this server before?
  2. Are you connecting from home or the office?
  3. Have you connected from this location before?
  4. When was the last time you connected from this location?
  5. Are you connecting to the same database you always connect to?
  6. Are you using the same client you always do?
  7. Are you using Windows or SQL auth?
  8. Can others around you connect?
  9. Has anything changed on your box since the last time you connected? For example, do you have a new version of a client or have you reverted to an older version?