One thing I appreciate about the people who know me, is that they truly understand my mind, my madness, they read between the poor grammer, short sentences, and they just get me. People close to me read between the "jess" lines. I often come off as bossy, rude, and sometimes nuts. The truth is, If i could articulate better, I would be a millionaire.

I want to blog, I have so much information in my brain that needs to be released, sometimes its related to family, tech, leadership, open source or sports. I'm going to start regularly blogging. I envy bloggers and great writers.

My 2015 New years resolution is to start blogging

Yep, that's right I'm going blog regularly. First I'm going to set some expectations for my followers.

  1. Google - F#@k you in your content length recommendations, 5 sentence blog posts are going to be a regular thing here
  2. I'm kinda sweary, I promise, I only use it to emphasis situations.
  3. I will put money my 5 sentence un spellchecked posts will rank well
  4. F^&k the grammar police
  5. I'm open to having people edit my posts for free


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