Advancements in the web over the years have opened countless job opportunities for eager, tech-savvy individuals. A quick search in your favorite online job board using keywords containing the phrase "Internet technology" will yield many results. You may come across hundreds of results of varying skill levels, but some of the most highly sought-after jobs are in web development. If you're new to the Internet technology field or are just looking for something new, there are several compelling reasons to pursue a career in web development.

Use Your Creative Mind

As a web developer you get to flex your creative muscles. Like a highly skilled painter can create breathtaking works of art, a web developer with the right tools can create remarkable web apps. Creativity is essential in this field because there may be times in which you must think outside of the box to solve a particular problem.


You often have a flexible work environment. If you were to take a handful of web developers and ask them where they work from, the majority would respond "from home, with no pants." All developers need to work his or her magic is access to a computer with an internet connection. no car, no problem, this may be the perfect option for you most of us work remotly.

We are super heros

Developers are highly sought after by employers. A majority of companies and businesses who offer products or services over the Internet will need the skills of a web developer in some capacity. There will always be someone needing a new web application or website created for their business. Can you imagine the opportunities available to you if you happened to be one of the few web developers in your city?


A web developer's salary is nothing to scoff at. Most of the time, businesses will pay well for a talented web developer, especially if a majority of their business is done online. Though their salary depends on the programming language in which they specialize, the developer's knowledge and experience are quite valuable to employers.

All experience welcome

Any experience you gain will help to further your career. There are different levels of experience that may define a developer's qualifications. Some employers may employ entry-level developers and others may just be hiring highly experienced senior web developers. Whatever your skill level, there will be multiple opportunities for you to learn and build your experience.

Lifelong learning

Pursuing a career in web development will help you learn valuable skills such as creative thinking and problem solving, skills that can easily be transferred to other career fields. Though learning web development takes time and dedication, the effort will be worth it down the road.

Did i mention no pants?